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Das neue Album von Jason Mraz kommt nicht an seine alten Alben ran @twitcrit

Während @twitcrit ab und zu spannende Einblicke liefert (zudem länger dabei), ist @twitkrit doch arg deutsch, wenn auch gänzlich anders

@jennybee eeek. I don’t know (!) - I’m bodging it through Summize and Twitterfeed for @tvburp, surely not too hard. twitcrit does it?

Oh @twitcrit has started Tweeting again

@twitcrit “10000 BC” is a movie like Jessica Simpson’s public persona: Great fun to look at, occasionally funny, brainless.

@twitcrit just saw Penelope - adorable story, WICKED art direction…they created the perfect city - so cool. Respect!

@twitcrit no country for old men was WOW. great cinematic experience, superb casting, and a refreshing format. go watch.

@twitcrit Club 140 sounds pretty boring

@twitcrit Quicktime is probably the worst program ever on the face of the earth! Thank god there’s VLC for mac!! Apple: listen and learn!

@twitcrit — Love the literary adaptation (street edition) of Goodnight Moon in the closing minutes of next Sunday’s episode of The Wire.

@twitcrit MS Office 2007 installation sucks, big time!

#cparty @twitcrit anyone here talking ‘bout Campus Party? Guess @jeffjarvis would love to know about @mlemos livestream. Jeff, this is news!

@twitcrit @jeffjarvis should really look for some professional work to get a bot that can be called “live”… Jeff, try @mlemos, for real!

This Grammy show is unlike any other I’ve seen: It kicks ass! @twitcrit

@twitcrit Fine pass! Acrobatic catch of the highest order.